Conversation of the Day

After reading Karen’s post about the new Beatles Love CD [formerly on Vox, which is now defunct], I was inspired to add it to my shopping trolley on my Saturday trip to Cactus.

I figured it was high time that Freya was introduced to the Beatles, so I played it for her in the car on the way to the forest crèche today. Here was the conversation:

Daddy: This is the Beatles, Freya. D’you like the Beatles?
Freya: No, I like the Ladybirds.
Daddy: What do they sing?
Freya: I don’t know

So, anyone know of a band called the Ladybirds? Perhaps I ought to start one myself. Anyway, it had me laughing out loud.


  1. Never heard of the Ladybirds…

    Will have to look it up on Rhapsody and see what I can find..

  2. That sounds a lot like my son.  It goes like this:

    Dad: Do you like the Sammy Hagar music?
    Son: Not really.  I like Mighty Machines music better.
    Dad: Mighty Machines eh?
    Son: Yeah. Mighty Machines Rocks!

    Outside of Canada you might not know that Mighty Machines is a children’s television show.  Heavy machinery, such as Loaders and Dump Trucks, become the characters and we get to follow them around various work sites.

    Although I did make some progress when he told me that he likes the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the car this morning.

  3. I just discovered today that we can listen to Yellow Submarine six times between our apartment and the crèche. Freya just kept asking for it again and again, proving beyond any doubt that The Beatles can cross any generation gap!