My favourite guitar chord site

Just hit this site again for like the millionth time and thought I’d post it up here in case any other players out there don’t know about it. It really rocks: altered tunings galore and easy to use.

Chord House

Please comment if you like it. I’m off to play now šŸ™‚


  1. this looks nice.. i am still a beginner so it looks lot of info on it but it is very useful… will try using it today during practice! 

  2. Meant to say thanks for this last week. Love it – sent the link to a friend who will love it, too. What a find – Thanks!

  3. memtony says:

    [this is good] This is a great site.  Thanks for posting it.  I like the nice clear print function.

  4. I totally agree; the print function is great! 

  5. [this is good] yes yes yes! Where has this site been the last 15 years?!? šŸ™‚ This is a great site! Thanks so much for posting it.  I’m gonna blast it off to everyone. Wow, they have *everything* on the internet, huh? Thanks again!!!