News update

Lorraine put her back out somehow in her sleep the night before last and is now at the doctor yet again. Her bronchitis also sounds worse than ever. She’s really not having a good time of it at all at the moment.

Thankfully the kids seem okay; the coughs are almost better now and they’re both happy.
Arran wise, progress is slow. I almost completed the RBS business plan template and had Lorraine help me with it. She pointed out that the parts I was stuck with were because they didn’t really fit with the type of business we’re looking at — I guess that’s the problem with templates. So we’ve decided to send the Post Office business plan to the bank instead of the RBS one. I did about half of it yesterday and hope to complete it this afternoon.
Arjun and Marina are coming to visit on Friday for the weekend and I’m really looking forward to seeing them.
Time to change some nappies. I hope to get another couple of blog entries done soon; there are a couple on the boil…


  1. poor girl – I really hope she feels better – soon! I will send good thoughts her way. I know how horrible it feels to have bronchitis and the back problems – so i sympathize completely. send her hugs ((hugs))

  2. Thanks marque. She got signed off for the rest of the week and is “resting”. The downer is that we’ve got friends coming to visit at the weekend. I’ll take Freya out to town on Saturday with our pals and leave L at home to rest as much as she can.