KT Tunstall – Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

Check out this – KT Tunstall from Scotland using looping to great effect. There could be a looper in my future! Amazing!

KT Tunstall – Black Horse And The Cherry Tree
This page reveals how she does it and what gear she uses:

Frets – KT Tunstall

Tunstall’s looper of choice is the Akai E2 Headrush, a footpedal device that offers 16-bit digital delay, simulated tape echo, and a phrase-looping audio recorder with unlimited layering. The Headrush (which Tunstall calls my “Wee Bastard”) boasts a maximum delay time of nearly 24 seconds, tap-tempo echo, and individual outputs for the box’s four virtual “tape heads.” As loopers go, the Headrush provides simple operation via two footswitches: One starts and stops the loop, the other turns the recording (or overdubbing) function on and off. To learn more about looping—its history, an overview of real-time looping hardware, and guitarists who make repeating audio the foundation of their music—read “Looping” in the April ’06 Guitar Player. Those shopping for a looper will want to read GP’s review of such devices (“Looping Pedal Roundup! Four Digital Repeat Boxes”) in the June ’06 issue. To explore the looper community, visit loopers-delight.com.

The wee bastard:

Akai Headrush


  1. Josh to the D says:

    That’s impressive.

  2. [this is good] Yowza … KT rocks … my friend B and I performed this, along with a drummer, in 2005 – but a looper we did not possess. I’m sure this is the audio track we rehearsed to but I had no idea it was looped. Wow … thanks for posting this. Amazing stuff.

  3. [this is good] KT is quite the favorite here in the SF Bay Area.  She has played with the looper and boombox(?) a couple of times, including a private show on the radio station I listen to, and has headlined (with full band) a number of large festivals and benefits.  She rocks!!

  4. It’s really cool to hear that a wee lassie from Scotland is known in Canada and the USA. Way to go KT!

    BTW, I’m about to place an order for a looper – not the same one as KT’s, as hers has a max of 24 seconds of record time. I’ll probably order the DigiDesign JamMan. Looks like a lot of fun!