@ David’s 4th birthday party

David, a kid from Freya’s crèche, wanted Freya to come to his birthday grill at a park in Belvaux yesterday so we all went along and had fun. It was a nice big park and Freya particularly enjoyed the death slide (when the bossy woman got out the way and let me put Freya on it).

Daddy & Hamish




  1. Steve Betz says:

    Great pics — and who wouldn’t enjoy something termed “The Death Slide”???

  2. Too true, Steve. I guess it’s just a generic term for that kind of slide where I’m from. Although I guess a true death slide is the one that you hold on to with two hands. I always loved those as a kid. Still do, if truth be told (but then I am still a kid, so that figures)

  3. greywolf says:

    Those things are amazing!  We (by we I mean the adults) used to build some crazy ones back when I was in the Boy Scouts.  We had these funky straps that would hold onto your wrists even if you let go of the handles.  I remember this one in particular that was about 150-200 meteres long and it went over a small ravine in the middle.  That was wild.

  4. Louis Beaver says:

    [this is good] That looks like lots of fun. When I was in college we didn’t had so many fun activities.