mp3eme VOX: Summuhtime



It can have summer in the title or reference it in the song…or it can
just be one that always reminds you of hot days, warm nights, cooking
out, laying out…whatever.



Some good old Roy Harper to start me off on this week’s th(m)eme. I’ve since become more of a fan of his son, Nick Harper, but still listen to Roy from time to time. I used to listen to him a lot during my university days.

On Summer Day
Roy Harper


  1. [this is good] The song might be a little too melancholy for my tastes but it earns bonus points for the album art 🙂

  2. bevester says:

    [this is good] Thanks, I’ve always wanted to get into Roy Harper but never have.  Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd’s interest in him sparked my interest, but I never did anything about it.  The only song of his I’ve heard before now was ‘Hope’ which I think is a fantastic song.  Cheers!

  3. [this is good]

    This is SO spooky. Roy’s son, Nick, has released his first single TODAY! Its utterly wonderful:

    Harpic’s first single Blue Sky Thinking on iTunes NOW
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    Category: Music

    Nick Harper has been making music this good for years…

    But it’s taken until now for him to release his first single…

    It’s been worth the wait.


    Blue Sky Thinking is only available for download from the UK iTunes store.

    We would love it if any and all UK Nick Harper fans would buy a copy the week of Monday 28 May and then pass this message on to anyone who loves a perfect summer song – who knows, the charts aren’t out of reach…

    The single is taken from his album Miracles for Beginners, released 4 June and available now for pre-order at Amazon UK.

    Nick will also be touring the UK and making instore appearances to promote these releases – please see Nick’s official Myspace page Harperspace in Myspace for the latest details.

    Sometimes blue sky dreams can come true..





    It’s been worth the wait.