My Concert Tickets — a Collection


  1. nice!! this is a great idea.  so, which one was your favorite??

    (oh, and ice-t.  i know this might sound silly, but that like “ice-t” ice-it? like rapper ice-t? hmmmm….interesting).

  2. My favourite might very well be the recent Muse gig. I’m not sure if I’m still in the honeymoon phase, being that it was less than a month ago, but it was absolutely incredible.

    Another favourite would be Stiff Little Fingers, which is surprising as I didn’t really know them and have never listened to them since either. It was the atmosphere of the gig — I got right to the front and it was a big St Patrick’s Day crowd in Glasgow pogoing to some punk.

    The worst one was Gary Numan. A real arrogant bastard he was.

    And yeah, Ice-T, the rapper. My music tastes are rather broad and I do enjoy a good bit of gangster rap!

    Oh, and Tommy Emmanuel flat out rocked the house. Best guitar gig I’ve seen.