One of the most basic concepts Peter Walsh talks about in It’s All Too Much brought a total breakthrough for me. If the stuff that you accumulate doesn’t help get you closer to the life you want to have, it’s simply not worth keeping. Period.

We need to do this. I was reading about the new Vox This feature in Vox and rushed over to 43folders [Merlin Mann’s productivity blog] to try the feature. Little did I know I would find such a gem of a post right at the top of the page! I strongly dislike clutter but find myself becoming desensitised to it since we had kids. Getting rid of my CD jewel cases helped a bit and we should do the same with books and DVDs.

The article linked from 43folders is rather good.


  1. lauowolf says:

    This is useful.

  2. Sheila says:

    [this is good] YES! This is good…*very* good! Hmmm…it’s a holiday today (July 4th) so maybe I should spend the day purging the clutter.  I just wish there was some magical, specific question that I would ask myself everytime I picked up something that would help me decide whether to keep it.  “Luxury or necessity?” doesn’t seem to quite work for me (apparently I must be high maintenance if I think junk is a necessity. hahaha!).  Thanks for the post!!

  3. Lightchaser says:

    [this is good] That really is a good writeup. I’m quite a hoarder myself and I know a big decluttering drive is imminent.