New iMac – WooHoo!

I’m just watching the live feed on Gizmodo – the new iMac is out! I’ve been waiting for this. No 30″, which is a bit disappointing, but no more 17 either. There are two 20s, one at $1199 and a faster one at $1499. The 24″ is $1799. There could be a 24″ in the very near future for me! 🙂


  1. [this is good] Dang!! If it were physically possible for me to get a stiffy I think I would have one over this….THAT is one SEXY BEAST!! 😉

  2. greywolf says:

    That stuff looks amazing!  There may be an Apple laptop in my future as well, probably not too near though.  I just went to the apple site to get more details on all this stuff and the store is down.  The Apple Store is down, aauugghh!!  I guess I’ll have to check it out later.

  3. [this is good] Yep, the store is down so that they can add the new iMacs. It’s never down for very long though. I remember going through the same thing when waiting for the MacBooks to get the Core2Duo chips. That happened in November and I pounced.

    I wonder what the premium will be for being in Europe this time? $1799 should be around €1300. Bet we end up paying €1799 or thereabouts.

    It’s good that the “cheap” 20 is available. We might get a couple of those for the Post Office to put in the Internet Corner 🙂