Post Office progress — the interview…

We just got the date through for the interview – Friday 17 August! The guy that’s been dealing with us is really friendly and accommodating. When we sent our business plan, we put in a letter to request either August 16 or 17 as we will be in Scotland then anyway. It’s a narrow window to be sure, but they managed to fit us in! And not only is it on the date that we wanted, it’s also in AYR! The original timeline said that it would be in Glasgow and that would have been much less convenient. Ayr is much closer to where we will be.

So, I’ll be spending the next few days putting together a presentation — I’ve to talk for 20–45 minutes about how I will drive the business forward and maintain excellent customer service. Guess it’s time to dig out the buzz-phrase generator!

I’m not sure whether to take my MacBook with me and do the presentation in Keynote, or do it in Powerpoint on the PC and use the laptop provided at the interview. I’m familiar with neither Keynote nor Powerpoint. And if I choose to do it in Keynote, should I upgrade to iLife 08 first? I suppose if I’m gonna learn it, I might as well learn the latest version!

So, wish us luck everyone!


  1. greywolf says:

    Good luck to you!  Hope it goes well.

    If you’re going to use a computer to present: Use your own!  You never know what will happen with a strange computer that you’ve never met before.  Computer problems could throw off your mojo for the whole presentation.