Heck, just realised that I haven’t posted this week’s charts and it’s nearly Sunday already. Better get it done now before next week’s takes over.

Top Artists this Week (see more)

9 Sep 2007 – 16 Sep 2007
David BowieElbowPete Namlook & Richie HawtinGillian WelchRicky Skaggs & Kentucky ThunderU2Tori AmosRegina SpektorGenesis
1 Play David Bowie
5 2 Play Elbow
10 3 Play Pete Namlook & Richie Hawtin
4 Play Gillian Welch
5 Play Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder
6 Play U2
6 7 Play Stefan Diestelmann
7 Play Tori Amos
11 7 Play Regina Spektor
10 Play Genesis

Since Elbow’s moving up the charts and Cat liked ’em, I’ve posted one of their tracks. I had fun with Bowie, listening to Heathen (which blows me away it’s so good) and Low and The Man Who Sold the World and a bit of Changes at work as well.


I’m no longer working mornings at the office so my music listening will change in one of two ways:

1. I’ll listen to bugger all in the mornings now cos I’m watching the kids
2. I’ll listen to stuff that’s just for me cos I’m no longer sharing an office with at least one other narrow-minded fussy bugger. There.

Enjoy the Elbow track Cat! (and anyone else who cares to listen – they really are a great little band).



  1. I’ve never met anyone else who likes Elbow.  My favorite song of theirs is “Scattered Black and Whites” off Asleep in the Back.  That entire CD is good. 

  2. I’ve not got that CD. I’ll need to get it.