I took a weekend photo course over the weekend — two days of shooting and instruction in and around Luxembourg  rom 9 am to 6 pm. Tiring but fun.

I’m still organizing, rating and studying my photos and plan on doing a proper blog post with more pictures when I’ve got that all done and dusted. Meantime I just wanted to share this one shot as I’m very pleased with how it’s come out. This might just be my favourite of all my shots.



  1. [this is good] That is simply GORGEOUS!!! Awesome!!

  2. That’s a beautiful shot. There’s just the right amount of mystery and romance in it.

  3. Thanks Cat! 

  4. Thanks Lauren. Mystery and romance, huh? I wouldn’t have thought of that but now that you mention it, yeah, why not. I’ve been in Luxembourg for almost 7 years now and I never saw it through a photographer’s eyes until last weekend. It’s a fantastic city for shooting, particularly the area down where this reflection shot was taken. I plan to do a proper post about the weekend soon so stay tuned and you’ll see a few more photos of the city and other parts of the country.