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Had a bit of a Howard Jones fest this week. I really enjoyed his music when I was younger, particularly the Humans Lib album. I used to listen to that one a lot on my personal stereo whilst out on my paper or milk round.

I also listened to some Beautiful South, something which I hadn’t done for a while. I haven’t been following them for a while now so there may well be more albums since Painting it Red. I should check as I really enjoy their bitter sweet lyrics and northern English style.

Paolo Nutini is a relative newcomer from my home turf (west of Scotland) and his debut album has a really nice raw quality to it. I hope he remains true to the muse.

And speaking of Muse, I just dig them. They really are a great band.

There’s also some Floyd in the mix this week. I used to be a bit obsessed with the Floyd and fancied a bit of Saucerful through the week. I also just bought the iTunes plus version of Ummagumma today so expect to see that in next week’s charts! Grantchester Meadows is a great song to be sure.

Led Zep is a rare musical area where my and Lorraine’s tastes overlap so we listened to Houses of the Holy on the way back from a horrendously bad Scottish/Irish celebration in Ettlebrueck. That was followed by some Housemartins, which is always good for some in-the-car listening. (and yes, my iPod scrobbling is working again – using the official last.fm client and the latest iTunes – yay!)

I listened to some Carter USM through the week whilst editing some photos — the 30 Something album. A great blast from the past.

And the Orb? Meh. I find it a bit boring now to be honest.

Top Artists this Week (see more)

30 Sep 2007 – 7 Oct 2007
Howard JonesThe Beautiful SouthMuseCarter the Unstoppable Sex MachinePaolo NutiniLed ZeppelinJohn LennonPink FloydThe HousemartinsThe Orb
1 Play Howard Jones
2 Play The Beautiful South
3 Play Muse
4 Play Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
4 Play Paolo Nutini
6 Play Led Zeppelin
7 Play John Lennon
6 7 Play Pink Floyd
9 Play The Housemartins
10 Play The Orb

Enjoy the Howard Jones tune. This was my favourite from Humans Lib.

Hide and Seek
Howard Jones