Weekly last.fm charts (featuring The The)

11 Nov 2007 – 18 Nov 2007

Beastie BoysThe TheBert JanschRadioheadLou ReedTommy EmmanuelNine Inch NailsPeter GabrielBeppe Gambetta
1 Play Beastie Boys
2 Play The The
3 Play Anna Massie
3 4 Play Bert Jansch
5 Play Radiohead
6 Play Lou Reed
7 Play Tommy Emmanuel
7 Play Nine Inch Nails
9 Play Peter Gabriel
9 Beppe Gambetta

My last.fm profile is beginning to reflect my musical profile more accurately as time goes it. It was time this week to address some gaps. First up, the Beastie Boys. I was a fan of the Beasties since Licensed to Ill, and it’s still a cracking album. When I was doing my basic training in 1988 at AAC Harrogate, we all had to do a party piece. Mine was Billy Connolly sketch (the one about getting caught ‘having a wank’) and the full version of Paul Revere from Licensed to Ill. It went down pretty well as I recall (although I think the Billy sketch was better received!). Then came the classic Paul’s Boutique, the Beasties seminal album in my opinion. An incredible set of samples and hip-hop that was way ahead of its time and relatively unknown compared to Licensed to Ill. We even tried to find the real Paul’s Boutique from the address given in the album (in Brooklyn) when we travelled the US in 1993, but it was to no avail! (I could link to the post I made but for some REALLY annoying reason Vox displays only some of my tags – why is that Vox?) Then came Check Your Head, another ground-breaking album in the same vein as Paul’s Boutique. Brilliant. Ill Communication didn’t sit so well with me; I just never really bonded with it in the same way and I that was the last B-Boys album I bought. So, I spent some time this week spinning the old Beasties albums and filling a gap in my profile.

Next up, and this week’s featured band, is The The. Despite their really annoying name, I’ve loved this band right from the start (well, I never really dug Burning Blue Soul and still don’t, but that was originally released as a Matt Johnson solo album). I shan’t go on about them, just to say that Matt’s one of my favourite lyricists of all time and I’ve always really related to his words and the music. “The future is now, and it’s all going wrong; bodies queue for nothing for it’s to nothing they belong”, etc.

Annie Massie is a young Scots lass who plays a variety of instruments really, really well. I first saw her at the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow back in 2004 (I think) and was blown away. She plays mainly in the traditional Scots vein and can flatpick like no other gal I’ve ever seen. And she’s so wee! Her music is terrific and I highly recommend her CD Glad Company. I’ll certainly have her as a featured artist one day.

I’ve mentioned Bert a lot so browse previous last.fm entries. He was my featured artist last week.

Fellow Voxer Bevester inspired me to dig out some Radiohead again. I hadn’t listened to them in a while and it was good to hear them again. Kid A is my favourite with Amnesiac a close second (but they’re all good). Those two albums were a lot of work, and I mean a lot. This is not easy listening and needs repeated spins to get it. But once you get it, it really pays you back, big time!

Lou Reed’s New York was the first CD I ever bought. I enjoy his music and the Velvet Underground a lot. This week I had to share my story at an AA meeting and so played my playlist called Spiritual on the iPod on the way in to town. There’s a song on The Raven called Vanishing Act that is just wonderful. So I listened to that a few times over the last week, along with a lot of other Lou stuff.

Tommy Emmanuel. If you play guitar you should certainly know about Tommy. And if you don’t play, you should still go and see him. One of the best performers I have ever seen.

Nine Inch Nails. I used to listen to them a lot. Pretty Hate Machine got me through some hard times, particularly Something I Can Never Have. Downward Spiral was great. Fixed and Broken rewarded repeated listens but were tough going at times.

Peter Gabriel. Brilliant. Love his solo stuff and Genesis. As with Bowie, his most recent stuff is some of his best in my opinion. Up was terrific!

Beppe Gambetta is an Italian flatpicker. I saw him last night and will write about him there with some audio. I had lessons with him too back in 2005. He’s a really nice guy.

So that’s it for this week. Enjoy the The The tunes (see, told you their name was annoying!) I’ve included two from Shades of Blue since it’s not such a common one (it’s a 4-track EP).


The The


  1. [this is good] Hey Cams, glad I could provide some inspirado!  That’s the coolest thing about Vox I guess, sharing the love…

    I love Mr. Reed too, and the Velvets.  Only just getting into ‘New York’ lately though, but it’s fantastic.  Agreed about Bowie’s later stuff – it’s rare that an artist of that longevity can keep putting relevant albums out, but he does it consistently.  Peter Gabriel is someone I need to get more of – so far just ‘Car’ and ‘Us’ are in my collection, but I love them both.

    Are you into NIN’s ‘Year Zero’ (the latest one)?  If not, give it a go, it’s really fantastic with a great concept behind it.  I posted a track a while back if you want to hear some.

  2. I’ll check out Year Zero for sure! Right now I’m up to my ears in Beppe Gambetta!

    Yeah, Peter Gabriel is a hero of mine too, with the same stature as Roger Waters. I listened to Us a lot and saw him in 93 during the Secret World tour. But Up just blew me away, particularly Signal to Noise. I’ll upload that for you so that you can feel the joy. [Signal to Noise]


  3. [this is good] Holy shit, I can feel the joy!  That is a magic song, I love his voice when he’s doing all that tribal kinda singing.  Wow.  I will get this album.  Cheers man.

  4. [this is good] Just listened to the The The (!) stuff too, because ever since I used to work at a CD store many years ago I always wondered who the hell they were and why their name sucked so much!  I liked the tunes, especially ‘Jealous of Youth’.  Might get my hands on some now….

  5. Glad you liked the PG tune. I reckon you would really like The The. Their Infected album some say is a precursor to the industrial sound, although I don’t really hear that myself. There is some industrial noises in it though. Matt Johnson’s lyrics can be quite dark and depressing, but very poetic. He’s not afraid of facing up to issues like religion and politics but isn’t as in yer face as some other artists. A thinking man’s band, I would say. Johnny Marr played with them for a while too. I recommend you go back to Soul Mining and Infected for the whole experience.


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