Weekly last.fm charts

I’m having to create playlists of each day’s iPod tunes at the end of the day to play them when I go to bed so that they get scrobbled. So my iTunes playcount is needlessly increased so that they get scrobbled. When will they fix it? (and yes, iSproggler doesn’t work either).

So, with no further ado, here are this week’s charts before it’s too late.

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28 Oct 2007 – 4 Nov 2007
Sufjan StevensEl McMeenBert JanschKate RusbyThe BeatlesThe Rolling StonesTony McManusScissor SistersAdam and the Ants
1 Play Sufjan Stevens
2 Play El McMeen
2 Play Bert Jansch
4 Play Kate Rusby
5 Play The Beatles
4 6 Pat Walsh
6 Play The Rolling Stones
8 Play Tony McManus
9 Play Scissor Sisters
10 Play Adam and the Ants

I discovered Sufjan Stevens on Vox. A few people have posted tunes from this album and I’ve liked them all so it was an obvious jump to get the album. It’s really very good.

El McMeen is a guitar hero of mine. I had a lesson from him once at his home in NJ. I can play a few of his arrangements. He makes it sound so easy.

Bert Jansch is the reason that I play guitar. I’m having a bit of a Bert festival these last few weeks. Expect him at the top next week.

Kate Rusby sings folk songs in an English accent. I was surprised to discover that the purists don’t rate her. What is it with the music police? I think she’s doing great things for British folk.

Can’t beat the Beatles.

Pat Walsh – see last week’s charts for a tune.

The Stones – along with the Beatles, played during lunch time to “teach” Freya what’s good. No doubt she’ll end up liking something that we won’t and we’ll say things like “that’s not music… call that music? … it’s just noise … turn it down… etc.” Isn’t that the way of things?

Tony McManus plays fingerstyle guitar and is another reason that I play.

Scissor Sisters – I was desperately seeking something to help with my most hated weekly event: the weekly shop. This was the nearest thing I could get to hit the spot, but it still wasn’t quite right. Not sure where I stand on them actually.

Adam and the Ants – I have a long history with Adam and his Ants. The first album I bought was Prince Charming and I’ve always rated him. His albums were remastered quite recently with bonus tracks and they have dated very well actually.

So that’s it for this week. Enjoy a Sufjan track. Well, why not? This one made me think a little of Charlie Brown music.


  1. Hmmm…that’s weird. last.fm has been working till I plugged in today and nada….Maybe its the newest version of iTunes? However…I got iSproggler up and it did me right. (been so long since I used it…it tried scrobbling 300+ tunes…and of course got the spam message on my last.fm page….but it did up the very latest correctly.
    And you’re not playing anything in iTunes till after you’ve tried updating last.fm?…hope it gets worked out….

  2. quick update…been playing the iPod for the last few hours and decided to try it again and the last.fm box popped up this time asking me if I wanted to scrobble the tracks….