Christmas day 2007

Freya was poorly through the night on Christmas eve, poor little love. She was sick several times, necessitating two bed changes (ours and hers). She spent most of the day laying on the sofa, but thankfully she did perk up for long enough to open her presents.

I think we did not too badly, considering that we’re trying to fit as normal a Christmas as we can into the madness of packing to leave. Decorations were therefore minimal, but we did put up some tinsel and have a candlelit dinner. I had a pork chop and did roast potatoes and steamed Brussels sprouts, carrots and broccoli (well, you have to have sprouts, right?). It was rather good and we had a good feed, leaving the orange and cranberry Christmas pud until later on, round about Eastenders time.

So, here are a few pics that I shot in the morning. Enjoy!


  1. [this is good] Great shots…esp. love Freya “opening a present”  Cute!
    What are you using for  your copyright/watermarking? Or one by one?

  2. Thanks Dave.

    I export the pics from Adobe Lightroom straight to Vox via email. There’s a checkbox in the LR export dialogue to add copyright watermarking. I don’t usually bother and only noticed that it had done it after I’d uploaded them so I just left it that way, but I’ll undo it for the next time. The copyright gets added to the EXIF data during import into Lightroom from the camera so there’s no need really to have it on the photo as well. I don’t imagine my pics are good enough for anyone to want to steal anyway, but even if they did, a simple crop would remove it. 

  3. heidi mehltretter says:

    I would steal them.  They are just lovely.  Wonderful lighting, too.

    Good luck on your move.