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Cutting it fine again this week!

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2 Dec 2007 – 9 Dec 2007
Nine Inch NailsThe Wonder StuffВладимир ВысоцкийRoy HarperBryan SuttonMartin CarthyPete MurrayPixiesThe Greencards
8 1 Play Nine Inch Nails
2 Play The Wonder Stuff
3 Play Владимир Высоцкий
4 Play Roy Harper
5 Play Bryan Sutton
6 Play Martin Carthy
6 Play Pete Murray
8 Play Pixies
9 The Greencards
10 Pat Walsh

Nine Inch Nails are at the top this week. This is mainly thanks to the inspiration I got from bevester who recommended Year Zero. I’ve been a fan of NIN since Pretty Hate Machine but haven’t bought any of their music since Downward Spiral. Not really sure what that is, but there you have it. So I was excited to hear Year Zero and it didn’t let me down. It has that trademark NIN angst and I loved it right from the start. I guess as a concept album I should get familiar with the lyrics but that usually comes later for me.

The song I listened to most on Pretty Hate Machine was Something I can Never Have. And it still gives me the chills. I remember locking myself away with PHM and a bottle of White & Mackay after being dumped one time and playing it loud.

I did see them perform once in Glasgow (May 1994) but I remember very little about it.

So many thanks bevester for the reco and here are some tunes for y’all’s enjoyment. (including Hurt, which Johnny Cash covered on American Recordings IV and made it his own and now I play the JC version — planning on playing it today at my leaving gig as it happens!) The NIN version is really good too though.

Something I Can Never Have
Nine Inch Nails


Nine Inch Nails