Empty Podcast Playlist…

We moved in late January then I was off for two week’s training. The week before moving was non-podcast time as well so there were about four weeks to catch up with when we got to the Isle of Arran.

Well, I just couldn’t catch up. There were so many. And they keep coming thick and fast as well. I also have much less podcast-listening time than I had in my old Luxembourg life, so it’s been tough. But around five minutes ago I finished listening to Security Now! episode 140 and am left now with an empty podcast directory! Yay! I know that TWiT will probably be waiting for me tomorrow, but for now I’m feeling good and caught up and wondering what audio book to listen to or if I should seek out an audio Polish learning course. No doubt I’ll end up playing podcast catchup again though by the end of next week.


Cleared my Podcast deck!


  1. Steve Betz says:

    [this is good] Good to see you, Cams!  Sometimes you just have to purge the inbox!