Brodick Post Office

I’m putting an ad in a brochure in the next week or so and the tulips outside the Post Office were looking their best so it was great timing for taking my D70s down with me on the Bank Holiday Monday and seeing what kind of shots I could get.

I thought some of my hood and my family would like to see a pick of the shots to see what we’ve done with the place and how it’s looking after three months of hard bloody work.

Hats off to my good lady wife for amazing work in ordering stock and figuring out where to put it all. She’s done a really great job and I’m truly blessed to have her on board in this venture. I think we might just make it work!



  1. greywolf says:

    Nice looking place you got.  My life loves the Boyds bears.  If we were there she would definitely get one.

  2. Send her over! 🙂

  3. Quite the impressive tulip crop! The place is looking snazzy.

  4. greywolf says:

    One day we’ll make it to Scotland and we’ll swing by to send our postcards back to Canada.  We’re heading to Italy next week, our first trip to Europe, but that’s as close as we’ll get for now.