It’s been a funny old year. Whereas before we were fairly well off, now I’m in the position of needing a new jacket and wondering whether I can just get by with what I have. We’re paying a horrific amount to heat our house because it’s so draughty and the landlady, despite her promises, hasn’t done anything about it.

My computer is also painfully slow. I built it over three years ago, which in computing terms is a lifetime. I used to have hours to research new components and the money to buy them. Now I have neither.

And I’m working on the 27th of December, and not the kind of work that I used to get away with, clocking on in the morning, pissing around on the internet all day and heading home. This is real, proper work and it doesn’t end when we close either.

So what do we have?

Two healthy, happy children;
A good marital relationship;
A roof over our heads;
Our health;
A 24″ iMac (okay, that’s Lorraine’s but it still counts);
A 3-mile commute to work with views of snow-capped mountains and no traffic;
Some great guitars, a mandolin and a great bunch of friends to play with;

And on the flip-side:

My computer is too slow;
I don’t have enough free time;
We’re skint and coming in to the quietest month for the business;

I guess I have a problem with gratitude and get overwhelmed with day-to-day living. It’s a common problem.

So that’s about it for now. I have a lot of Christmas photos and video to upload and will add them to the blog soon. I should have more time for blogging this year, although it’ll likely be all me, me, me without much responding to others. It’s the time, folks.

Merry Christmas. 


  1. Steve Betz says:

    Merry Christmas, Cams!  It’s good to see you here.  I like the balance of good versus bad in your list — I just think the hard thing now is not really knowing what to expect this coming year, so it’s hard to make plans and feel secure.

  2. Ahhh, the joys of self employment.  Take heart though, I had to work on the 26th and I was running my butt off all day long.  At least you’ve got a good list of positives in your life.  That’s the important part.  The money can all be figured out in time.  I’m not sure if the spare time ever comes around though.  🙂

  3. Thanks Steve. I think we’re in good shape for the coming year as I’ve done my first year now and that’s with paying off our tax bills etc. in our previous location and the steep learning curve of running a completely different business and being an employer. It does help me to write on my blog and likewise getting comments from my ‘hood friends so I really should do it more often!

  4. Well, at least I had the 26th off! I think next year should see a better balance of time, although much of that depends on whether I can afford to keep all my employees on this year. It’s all the paperwork and ordering and putting out stock when we close that takes up so much time. I work in the next village a mere three miles away and there are some days when I don’t get home before the kids are in bed asleep. I hope that changes at least.