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Gibson J150

Gibson J-150

I’ve now sold this guitar but shall keep this page up for those who are interested in seeing some pictures and hearing some recordings. I sold it to make way in part for the Heiner D and Brook Tamar baritone.

Meet my Gibson J-150. I went into the shop where I bought my Lakewood for some some strings and thought I’d have a browse, as one does in a guitar shop. I saw this ugly, gaudy-looking guitar that screamed out country & western hanging on the wall and thought I’d give it a try. It took just one strum of an open E chord and I was floored. This was a J-200 and, after that chord had been strummed, its gaudy pickguard and over-the-top fretboard inlays were suddenly things of great beauty. GAS had struck! I hung it back up, palms sweaty, heart thumping and walked away. Well, who wouldn’t with a ticket price of €4,200?

But of course I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and started trying to justify it. I needed a strummer, right? Something loud and flamboyant for when I’m feeling in need of some chest-rumbling bass, right? Long story short, I bought it, got it home, and was horrified to find a crack across the bridge, right where the holes are for the bridge pins. I rushed it back to the shop and awaited the results. A week later the shop guy brought it round repaired but I’d decided that a repaired guitar just wasn’t what I was after and got myself a refund.

A month or so later I was in London for the Paul McCartney gig and popped into the Acoustic Centre near Liverpool St Station. They had a J-150 there, which is basically the same guitar as the J-200 but with fewer appointments, i.e. no binding on the neck or headstock, no rosewood seam down flamed maple back, Indian rosewood moustache bridge and fretboard rather than Honduran, but as far as I could tell, the grade of woods used is the same as on the J-200, but for a lot less lolly.

The Acoustic Centre has a pretty impressive inventory and I got to compare the J-150 with a couple of Lowden Os, a couple of Lakewood jumbos and a Martin D-28; that made me sure that the J-150 had the tone I was after and then the umming/ahhing process began. I’m pleased to report that my lovely wife told me to stop being so silly and just buy the darned thing. So I did!


Here are some recordings I’ve done on this guitar. I record using condenser microphones. Here’s a page showing the gear I used: Recording Gear

Highway 29, Bruce Springsteen

Highway 29

Trainstop Blues

Trainstop Blues