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Weekly Last.FM Charts, Featuring Clint Mansell

Week of 23 October – 30 October 2020

RankAvatarArtist nameScrobbles
1Avatar for Clint MansellClint Mansell52 scrobbles
2Avatar for Roy HarperRoy Harper23
3Avatar for John MartynJohn Martyn8
4Avatar for QueenQueen8
5Avatar for Tim BuckleyTim Buckley6
6Avatar for Fairport ConventionFairport Convention5
7Avatar for Richard ThompsonRichard Thompson5
8Avatar for John CaleJohn Cale4
9Avatar for Kevin AyersKevin Ayers4
10Avatar for Scott WalkerScott Walker4

I listened to an episode of the Soundtracking podcast with Edith Bowman, episode 217 with Ben Wheatley, director of the new Rebecca movie that just hit Neflix. Clint Mansell did the score for the movie and so I listened to it a few times while doing knowledge work at home. It’s really good.

Ilizarov Frame

I actually met Clint once at a gig at the Glasgow Barrowlands. It was when I was recovering from my climbing accident and I’d gone to see PWEI. Given the state of my leg, the Barrowlands bouncers sent me to the artists’ entrance to avoid the crowds and I met Clint on the stairs. He asked the obvious question: ‘what happened to your leg?’. I can’t remember if I told him the truth or not. In those days I used to make up different stories because I was so tired of the question. Well, I was 19 and probably stoned, so…

Weekly Charts, featuring The The

Week 25 September – 2 October 2020

Weekly Charts

I just spent some time going through my old chart posts and updating them to blocks for WordPress 5. It got me listening to lots again and has inspired me to start doing it again. It’s really fun to look back through these charts and get a feel for what was going on in my life through the music I was listening to.

I did it for a while on my Steemit blog but it never really took. I like this way better, using Steempress to put it on my Hive blog but keeping it on my own blog as the primary source.

The The

Since I wrote my review of Long Shadows, High Hopes: the Life and Times of Matt Johnson and The The, I’ve been listening to The The a lot. It’s good because the band is probably not accurately reflected in my all-time weightings on as I listened to them all the time before I started scrobbling.

I’m not sure why, but I didn’t listen to NakedSelf when it was released, nor since really, right up until a couple of weeks ago. I had a morning in bed with the book on my Kindle and I listened to it on my AirPods as I read about each track in the book. It was an amazing experience and I’ve been listening to NakedSelf a lot since then.

Strangeways, Here We Come

This Smiths album came up on my radar because of Tim’s Listening Party on Twitter. I’d never taken part in the listening parties, although I knew that he’d done The The at least a couple of times. I started following the Twitter account and this came up straight away.

This is the only Smiths album I ever bought. I got it after hearing it at the army apprentices’ college in Harrogate when John Hall played it one time. John’s nickname was Manc, so you can guess where he’s from, right? And yes, I was called Jock, obviously.

I’ve always loved the album, but listening to it with a live Twitter party going on added a whole new level of appreciation. Totally fun.

I’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday, because you’re evil and you liked, and if you should die I may feel slightly sad, but I won’t cry.

Unhappy Birthday


The Others

To be honest, I’m not sure what the others are, with the exception of Bajofondo. I found them while browsing Tim’s Listening Party archives and fired it on simply because the album cover drew me right in.

I mean come on, right?

I think the rest of the bands will have been Spotify algorithms carrying on with that style as I do know Gotan Project (I saw them in Luxembourg one time as it happens!).

RankAvatarArtist nameOptionsScrobbles
1Avatar for The TheThe The36 scrobbles
2Avatar for The SmithsThe Smiths20
3Avatar for BajofondoBajofondo18
4Avatar for Astor PiazzollaAstor Piazzolla2
5Avatar for AterciopeladosAterciopeladosMore1
6Avatar for Gotan ProjectGotan Project1
7Avatar for Jorge DrexlerJorge Drexler1
8Avatar for Kevin JohansenKevin Johansen1
9Avatar for Serú GiránSerú Girán1

That tremolo guitar. Love it!

Sounds like classic The The. I hope Matt Johnson brings out another album soon. I’d love to hear what these mad COVID times inspire him to write.

Weekly Charts, featuring Lou Reed

I used to post my weekly artist charts on when that was a thing and it was kinda fun. I thought I’d start doing it on my Steemit blog and see if we can get some others doing something similar as a way of finding new music.

I’ve been on since 2007 and scrobbling pretty much everything I listen to ever since. I love having data like that to hand and seeing my listening trends. It’s a cool platform for discovering new music too, by searching through users who listen to the same stuff and finding out what else they listen to.

So, here are my top 5 artists for this week.

  1. Lou Reed
  2. David Grisman
  3. Pierre Bensusan
  4. Van Morrison
  5. Courtney Barnett

I’ve been a fan of Lou Reed’s going back to about 1986 when I got my first CD player. The first CD I ever bought was New York and I played that album to death. From there I went back the way, getting into the Velvet Underground and absolutely loved it. I’m not sure why it took me so long to find this music, but better late than never. I also really enjoyed Magic and Loss and I’ve enjoyed playing it at work this week.

I don’t know David Grisman’s music all that well. I put on a Tony Rice album at work on Spotify and it used the autoplay thing when the album finished, so a bunch of songs of Dawg’s must’ve been on the algorithm. I’ve seen videos of him interviewed and playing and I know that he’s a phenomenal musician. I really ought to listen to him more often.

Ah, Pierre Bensusan. His music has got me through some really tough times. When my mum was in hospice care, I listened to Altiplanos and Intuite A LOT. The compositions Hymn 11 and The Alchemist are astoundingly beautiful. Hymn 11 was composed in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks in the USA and it’s haunting. I’ve seen Pierre play many many times and been to workshops. He’s one of the most musical people I’ve ever met.

I’ve never been much of a fan of Van Morrison’s, but after I played a show this week I got talking to one of the front-of-house staff at the venue about music and she said I really ought to listen to Astral Weeks and Moondance, so I did. They didn’t jump out at me, but I was at work so only really half listening. I should give them another go.

The same girl talked about Courtney Barnett. I had listened to her before, particularly her album with Kurt Vile, so I put that on at work and enjoyed it.

So, that was my week. If you’d like to follow me on, hit me up and we’ll share some music.

My profile at

Happy listening!

Originally posted on Steemit / Hive

Weekly Charts, w/e 8 July 2012 20120716

This was a good week. Paul Heaton released a new album: Paul Heaton Presents… The 8th and it’s an absolute belter. I’ve been a fan of his since the beginning, through the Housemartins to the Beautiful South and into his solo career. I got to see him at King Tut’s last year and it was phenomenal! Anyway, the new album is like nothing he’s ever done before. It’s a concept album with a story running through it, a story which, unless you’re made of stone, will give you goosebumps at the end. Brilliant!

Nick Harper at Corrie Hall

Nick Harper next. He’s another artist I’ve been a fan of since the beginning. I saw him a few times at Roy Harper gigs (Nick’s dad, in case you were wondering!), but it wasn’t until I moved to Arran that I got to see him playing solo. I’m very happy to be able to say that he’s coming back this year, to the same venue! I cannot wait!

And on to Jonathan Coulton. What a busy music week this has been! Of course I’d Jonathan Coulton. What self-respecting nerd hasn’t? But it had never quite clicked. I had Thing-a-Week 1 but never really listened to it more than once through. Then came The Incomparable podcast, episode 98.

We tackle the works of Jonathan Coulton as our Geek Music Appreciation series continues. Join guest host Lex Friedman as he and our panelists build a JoCo playlist and discuss why Coulton has so much geek appeal. But just because Lex is guest-hosting doesn’t mean that Jason Snell won’t make a dramatic appearance at the end, so keep listening!

I spent the weekend listening to JoCo, after creating a Spotify playlist of all the songs mentioned on the podcast: JoCo incomparable playlist and spent that Sunday morning learning to play You Ruined Everything. In fact, serendipity intervened in that when Merlin Mann posted a link on his Tumblr to a video of JoCo playing that song.

[Merlin’s Post]

It’s the first new song I’ve learned in a long time and it was a whole lot of fun. I’m inspired to learn a couple more for my next gig. Not many Arran residents will be familiar with his woe I would guess!

And Merlin is to thank also for the introduction to Peter Holsapple & Chris Starney. I’d never heard of them until he posted an audio clip on his Tumblr:

[Merlin’s Post]

I will definitely be following this band / these artists some more!

It’s interesting to note that is now listing TV shows and movies that I watch on the AppleTV. I finally finished Season 1 of the Wire and it finally started to reel me in. I only persevered because so many respectful people said I should, but it ain’t no House!

Weekly Charts w/e 14 July 2012 charts

This week I learned of Peter Holsapple & Chris Stammey when Merlin Mann posted a song of theirs on his blog or weblog: Kung Fu Grippe. Very good they are indeed and I’m grateful to MM for the discovery.

But Paul Heaton. Paul beautiful Heaton. His new album is out: Paul Heaton Presents the 8th … and it’s a belter. I’ve listened to it a few times, including once on headphones and it needs more of my attention. The premise is a guy who goes to jail and then gets out and what happens to him. It’s a thing of beauty and I’ve not been so struck on first listen to an album since Kate Bush’s Arial. So good!

Weekly Charts

Wow, I’ve not done one of these since 2007! Looks like I’ve lost the knack of posting the data. What’s up with that tiny little screenshot? Pffft.

I don’t listen to as much music as I used to, mainly because of the number of podcasts I listen to each week. It’s still very important to me though.

It has been a big week for The The. I’ve posted some of my favourites in a previous charts post:

The The post

Last chart of the year (featuring Spear of Destiny)

Spear of Destiny

23 Dec 2007 – 30 Dec 2007

 1Spear of Destiny
 2Georg Friedrich Händel
 4Paolo Nutini
 5Nic Jones
 5Nine Inch Nails
 7Michael Jackson
8 Stephen Fry
 8Spice Girls
110Jona Lewie

Ah yes, Spear of Destiny keeps Handel from the top. How about that ladies and gentlemen. I always listen to Messiah on Christmas day in the morning but it’s so darn long I don’t think I’ve ever heard the whole thing.

But, to the Spear. What a trip it was to listen to them again. I liked them a lot in the mid 80s. Post punk was the label given to them. Kirk Brandon certainly was an angry man and rather politicised too, just the sort of thing a boy in his teens should be listening to really whilst guzzling six packs of Lamot lager, Diamond White, Rossco’s homebrew and the odd quarter bottle.

World Service (1985) and One-Eyed Jacks (1984) rock, and Outland (1987) takes me back to my army days big time.

Listen to Tracks



Never Take Me Alive


Аквариум (Aquarium in Russian) will be an artist of the week for certain at some point. They are very, very good.

Happy New Year fellow last.fmers.

Last fm charts

No time for much any more. Trying to pack and it’s mental. Probably dismantling the network and boxing up the computers in the next day or so. I’ll keep the MacBook out through.

Here’s last week’s charts. Yeah, I discovered Amy Winehouse. She’s good! And Dave made me seek out Ace of Base too, after his post about some cover or other. Good fun.

Oh, and talk about vanity – I’m in my own charts! I was listening to recordings of myself on the way to a gig so I could get the lyrics in my head again. I’m no Yam Hinewouse but I ain’t bad.

And Led Zep I just plain rocks. Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get around to it.

Top Artists this Week (see more)

16 Dec 2007 – 23 Dec 2007
 1Amy Winehouse
 2Ace of Base
 2Yann Tiersen
 4Red Hot Chili Peppers
 5Johnny Cash
 7Led Zeppelin
68Stephen Fry
39Jona Lewie
29Paul McCartney
4 (featuring Pete Murray)

9 Dec 2007 – 16 Dec 2007

51Pete Murray
172Stephen Fry
 3Nick Harper
 4The KLF
45Nine Inch Nails
217Paul McCartney
199Band Aid

Pete Murray is an Australian and I’d never heard of him until my good friend Philippe asked if I would sing a duet with him on the track Opportunity. I learned it in an afternoon and we rehearsed a few times and pulled it off very well as it happens. Unfortunately the recording I made of the concert was too hot and the whole thing clipped all the way through. So, I’d best let you listen to the original then!

Stephen Fry reads the Harry Potter audiobooks and does so very well. I’m just starting the final one now and am really enjoying them!

Nick Harper is a definite for featured artist on day. Meanwhile, enjoy Pete Murray.

Weekly charts (featuring Nine Inch Nails)

Top Artists this Week (see more)

2 Dec 2007 – 9 Dec 2007
81Nine Inch Nails
 2The Wonder Stuff
 3Владимир Высоцкий
 4Roy Harper
 5Bryan Sutton
 6Martin Carthy
 6Pete Murray
 9The Greencards
 10Pat Walsh

Nine Inch Nails are at the top this week. This is mainly thanks to the inspiration I got from bevester who recommended Year Zero. I’ve been a fan of NIN since Pretty Hate Machine but haven’t bought any of their music since Downward Spiral. Not really sure what that is, but there you have it. So I was excited to hear Year Zero and it didn’t let me down. It has that trademark NIN angst and I loved it right from the start. I guess as a concept album I should get familiar with the lyrics but that usually comes later for me.

The song I listened to most on Pretty Hate Machine was Something I can Never Have. And it still gives me the chills. I remember locking myself away with PHM and a bottle of White & Mackay after being dumped one time and playing it loud.

I did see them perform once in Glasgow (May 1994) but I remember very little about it.

So many thanks bevester for the recommendation and here are some tunes for y’all’s enjoyment. (including Hurt, which Johnny Cash covered on American Recordings IV and made it his own and now I play the JC version — planning on playing it today at my leaving gig as it happens!) The NIN version is really good too though.

Something I Can Never Have


Another Version of the Truth