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Notice Day

The day has finally come when Lorraine hands in her notice at work, so I no longer have to make my Arran posts neighbourhood only! We were waiting until the very last day with bated breath to see if Lorraine would get her year-end bonus before she handed in her notice. We’re kind of relying on it for the move you see and it would have made things difficult if it had gone wrong. So you can imagine my elation on checking the bank today to see the bonus had gone in! A mere few hours before she gives her letter of notice to the boss!

 Everything is falling into place. We have to be out of our flat by 1 January so the packing will need to move up a gear after the weekend. It has been difficult because our weekends are filled up with farewell visits to friends and that’s really the only time that we can get any proper packing done.

We’re staying at a friend’s after 1 January and leaving Lux on the 7th. My brother is bringing a 7.5-tonne truck over on the ferry from Rosyth on the east coast of Scotland to Zeebrugge in Belgium, leaving on the 3rd and arriving on the 4th. Then we leave on the 7th, arrive on the 8th and then go straight to Arran to our new rented house. It’s going to be hectic, no doubt stressful and difficult but ultimately worth it.

I then have two weeks’ training in Glasgow from the 14th and I take over the Post Office on the 30th. The dream is getting close!