Back in December 1991, I decided I’d like to learn to play acoustic guitar. Another of my mates decided the same, so we headed off to Glasgow with a guitar-playing friend to choose a guitar each. I ended up with an Aria dreadnought and started learning. That guitar travelled with me through university and saw many beach parties, bonfires, and even went with me to Almaty when I was working out there. It was also with that very same guitar that I wooed my wife-to-be when first we met in the Bradford uni halls of residence!

It is now suffering from fret-wear and in December 2002 I decided that I needed a new guitar to get me back the enthusiasm I used to know and enjoy. After much research, I got my Lakewood and the spark was rekindled. I’ve got more and more passionate about acoustic guitar with each passing month; in the Internet age it’s so easy to find like-minded people who eat, sleep and drink acoustic guitars, and some of my favourite haunts are listed on the [Links page][1].


The type of guitar music I like to play and listen to is varied, although of late I’ve come to favour Celtic fingerstyle since discovering the music of Tony McManus and El McMeen. That sort of music makes my hairs stand up on end, no doubt partly due to my being a proud Scot. I also enjoy country blues such as Mississippi John Hurt, and have learned a lot from fellow guitar addict and Internet friend, Little Brother. [LB’s site][2] is a gold mine of lessons, reviews and general guitar-related stuff, well worth checking out!