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Word Soup

I have a new keyboard that I love.

DuckyOne 3 Fuji

I went with Hamish to one of my favourite shops, Kustom PCs in Ayr, to get him a new keyboard and mouse. It was a really good day out and, while we were there, I kind of fell in love with this keyboard. I already have a DuckyOne 3 with silent red cherry switches and I love it, but this one in the shop had silver speed switches and it felt great. I certainly didn’t need another keyboard though, and we’re totally skint, like beyond skint, so I exercised some restraint and said no.

As I walked away, I started feeling that sense of obsessiveness that plagues me. The keyboard looked so cool, and the feel of the keys and switches started to grow into something quite irresistible in my head. I kept talking about it with Hamish, to which his response was, “Dad. Remember – it isn’t even backlit.”

And I was like, “Oh yeah. That wouldn’t really work, would it?”

But I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Then I remembered that I’d ordered a fountain pen to mark my 6000 days of recovery and, when it still hadn’t arrived after nearly six months, I cancelled the order.

Aha. Justification!

So I jumped on Kustom PC’s website and ordered the keyboard. It’s been with me for a week now, and honestly, it’s so good. I absolutely love it. And honestly, that’s why I’m on my old website writing a post, as a way to use the keyboard.

My idea is that this website is pretty much redundant in that it has no readers whatsoever, so I’m going to use it as a playground to post word-soup posts, just for fun and to see what comes out. No structure, no SEO, nothing like that. I WANT to write, but I don’t know WHAT to write, so I’m hopeful that by using this as my stream-of-consciousness typing place, I’ll maybe come up with some decent ideas that might lead to something.

I’m going to be taking part in a writing group in January over at Foster, so maybe this could be a place for that? I don’t know; all I know is I love this keyboard, and I want to have a place to write things with it on top of my morning pages that goes out over at and on my Patreon and my Substack. That, by the way, is an experiment of its own to see if one platform picks up over the others and as a way of providing something to the few people that do pay a monthly subscription on my Patreon.

My Morning Pages are quite important to me as it gets me doing something creative with my first cup of coffee of the day and also as a way to use my beloved fountain pens.

So, that’s that. Thankfully I kept Sunbane going after almost not renewing the domain name — although I suppose this kind of rambling could go out on Tumblr or elsewhere too. It’s kind of nice to have it all on Sunbane though, as that’s the blog that’s been with me the longest, since Web 2.0 was an exciting thing and WordPress was still basically unusable if it even existed.

Mental Health Trinity of Looseness

There was a moment there where I thought I was going to write my morning pages right here on Sunbane every morning. Imagine! I have spared you that, instead choosing to handwrite my 3 pages in an A5 notebook with my fountain pens. I’ve been doing it daily since 13 January and I’m really enjoying how it’s making me feel. I think doing that, coupled with exercising every day by taking Clovey up the Hill of Beans, are going a long way to making me feel a little looser, a little more connected, a little less depressed.

The Hill of Beans challenge was a 28-day challenge to get to the top every day in January. Yes, January, on Arran, which means storm city. Some days I got absolutely drenched, but I kept it going and it has now become a habit that continued right the way through February. There were a couple of stormy days in February that I elected not to go, but I was okay with that.

It’s a place where I feel at my most creative and my least fearful. I rarely meet anyone else; I’m in nature; I’m getting my heart going so that I can actually hear my pulse; I’m watching Clovey enjoying the walk. And it’s where I often feel inspired to whip out my phone and record a video for my YouTube channel.

I’m enjoying the overall feeling of looseness that I get on the Hill of Beans. If I could just find a time of the day to practice meditation every day. I haven’t quite found a routine time to do that yet and I’m not sure why that is. I think that the morning pages, the Hill of Beans and meditation would make a really nice mental health trinity of looseness.

Back to School

School’s back. Ugh. I woke up after dreaming that I was playing a gig with Donal and he’d plugged his guitar into the wrong thing. I must be anxious about Saturday. In fact I know I’m anxious about Saturday. I should watch Get Back and remind myself that I love playing.

It’s fucking pelting down today. I got up around 8 because school starts back today for Hamish and he said he’d have boiled eggs. Len got him out in the car and just texted to say that she’s stuck at the pharmacy with a flat battery. I asked if she wanted me to call Chris to come out and jump it, but she said no because it’s raining. She’s the boss. So she’s going to walk home in the rain (without her big jacket) and go via the post office to post lateral flow tests to her mum. That’s why she was at the pharmacy. I think it’s her third attempt to get them but it’s been closed because of the fucking Christmas bollocks. At least that’s all by now. Thank FUCK for that.

I sent my virtual assitant, Anri, a couple of messages on Slack about her scriptwriting and she’s responded that she’s going to start moving them into GMT. I thought she’d already done that. God, I’m such a crap manager. I just want to be left alone but still have everything done for me just as I like it. That’s just silly, isn’t it? It’s time for me to step up.

Stew from Foster put up an annual review and linked to the template he used. It’s really fucking long. It’s by Anthony Gustin and is here. So I continued going through my DayOne and making notes. I got to the first week in March. Long way to go, although I think my long-form writing started dwindling round about then. There is a bunch of hand-written ones coming up though, when I was sitting out on the porch in the good weather. God, that seems unimaginable right now.

I’m enjoying going through Sam Harris’ Waking Up app. I’m on day 3 now and am pretty sure that I’m going to buy a subscription. But speaking of subscriptions, I had to withdraw £1k from the ISA yesterday because we’re about to go overdrawn. Can I just remind you how much I fucking hate Christmas? Yep, January, the dark month, storms and credit card bills and tax payments.

Anyway, I’m in the present now. I don’t need to dwell on that, do I? I need to dwell on getting through my to-dos and making some money on GMT. I almost started editing a video yesterday, then discovered that Anri had mixed up the JBL soundbars and also there was no video asset for it, so I bailed on it and played Rock School instead. Then I decided to write to her and let her know about the mix up, so that’s a growth thing for me, then put it on ice and start to work on the next one. I didn’t actually start work on the next one, but at least I know what I’m doing today.

I wish I knew how to change the notification email address for GMT. Right now they’re coming into my gmail and it’s a pain in the arse because I keep thinking that my main channel is growing and it isn’t. I’ll look into that again once I get off this writing session. Let’s BuJo it.

I managed to get through another day of keto yesterday and this morning my sugar was 8, so higher than yesterday. And I got up the hill.

Nickey Sketchley, the diabetic nurse, didn’t give me any grief at my appointment yesterday so I’m pretty pleased about that. I was sure she would mention it. It was a pretty standard appointment really. I won’t get the results till next week. Wednesday I think we agreed. How come it takes so long?

Ealána texted to ask about how to pay me for the guitar strings and said she’s looking forward to Saturday. I’m expecting them to cancel it, but maybe not. It’s going to be a quiet one for sure. I think my last gig before lockdown 1.0 was in January and it was pretty busy, but then it wasn’t pandemic time.

It’s nice not feeling depressed. I think doing the Sam Harris meditation when Hamish goes out to school is a good time.

It’s going to be challenging working while Freya’s home. I might have to hunt Len into the bedroom so I can record. That’s going to be just the kind of thing that makes me not produce anything. Honestly, any little thing. I should really have been recording a voiceover this morning so I can edit, but I daren’t start now as she’ll be coming in the door any minute.

12:33 I got the next voiceover done like a boss! Len actually came in the door as I was about to record the last couple of paragraphs, but she went out into the garden to clear the grass and I just got it done! Then I spent about an hour trying to change the notification email address for my GMT videos, added my GMT email to the Windows mail app and then had breakfast. I did get the email changed. Uncofirmed as yet, as I’ve not had any new subs since I fixed it, but I’m confident it’ll work.

Prianka’s been putting out business videos and I find them inspiring. Not so much the content, but her workflow and how she goes all-in. She doesn’t seem to let her mood or her introversion stand in her way of just doing the thing. Having her as a friend is one of the best things that came out of last year.

Okay, time to take Clovey up the hill. It’s clearing up a bit outside, thank God. It was brutal earlier.

Looking down at my wet boots next to a flow of water over what's normally the path up the hill.
God bless Gore-Tex!