Faulty Apple Hardware Replaced at my Expense

The WiFi button on my iPhone 4s greyed out after I upgraded to iOS 6.1.3., and I know from what I’ve seen online that I am not the only person to have experienced this.

I took an 8-hour round trip from the Isle of Arran to the Apple Store, Buchanan Street, Glasgow on Monday 25 March.

The Apple employee did a DFU restore on my iPhone 4S and that fixed it until I got off the ferry in Brodick. So I had to repeat the journey today (27 March) where I was told that I’d have to pay £139 for a replacement handset. I asked to see a manager. The manager admitted that it was a hardware fault, nevertheless I’d have to pay £139 for the replacement; no exceptions could be made.

I buy a lot of Apple products. My children have them, my wife has them and Apple gets money from me every week for apps, movies, music, games etc., not to mention the hardware. I recommend Apple hardware to customers of mine (I have a computer repair business on Arran) and have always felt like part of something great. Today’s experience of intransigence from the Apple Store manager has opened my eyes and I feel very upset, angry and disappointed at being made to pay for a replacement of a faulty product.

They have a chance to make it right before I end the relationship. It would be a shame to have to do that. Fingers crossed.