A Clash of Kings, George R. R. Martin

This one has some fairly graphic sex scenes and choice language (which always seems to be when my wife walks into the kitchen) and I’m not really sure that this is entirely necessary, in fact I’m sure it’s not. I guess it does develop the characters more, particularly the nature of Theon Grayjoy.

It’s a little slow moving and, unlike in the first book, there were certain narratives when I’d think “oh no” or “yeah”. I enjoyed Tyrian and Aria’s narratives and got bored with Theon’s, but they’re all part of the story. Daenerys got much less airtime than she did in the first book and I’m looking forward to hearing how her part of the story develops. I’ve had a hunch from not far into this book that she and Bran will marry at the finale of the septology and, for a few chapters, was made to believe that I was wrong about that (I’ll say no more than that).

It’s very grand in scope and the characters are about as developed as a character in a book can be. I’m looking forward to getting into book 3, A Storm of Swords (39 discs this time!) and hope that the pace picks up a little.