Accompanying the fiddle club

At the Tuesday Catacol session it came to light that the fiddle club are playing their competition entry for the Whiting Bay Music Festival this coming Friday. Normally Nick the gardener would accompany them, but he’s off down south to see a man about a guitar amongst other things. So Carol and Sandie asked if I would accompany them. So I found out on Tuesday night and had to be at their rehearsal last night, giving me all of no time at all to figure out some chords. Thankfully I had my iPod and mic with me on Tuesday so I got a recording of the tunes and messed around with my guitar in the back room at the Post Office for half an hour when it was quiet. I figured out a few chords and then headed out last night to the rehearsal which I’m pleased to say went all right.

The gig is on Friday night. We’re playing three tunes in A, Am and Bm respectively. I have some nice modal chords for the Bm tune (basically Am with a capo on 2) from the Frank Kilkelly accompaniment book and I was thinking of trying some DADGAD chords for the A and Am tune. I’ve got something that works in standard, but I’ll try the DADGAD stuff tonight and see how it goes.

So, that means I played last Tuesday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and I’m playing again this Saturday. Things are definitey looking up! 🙂