Apostrophes (and other sundry errors)

I wish I could let this go, but it’s bothering me more and more with each passing day. I have a few blogs in my RSS reader and I follow Twitter, where I find links to articles that I might not otherwise see. The writers I follow are writers at least in the semi-professional sense. And that’s what bugs me the most. It’s not like on my guitar forum where it’s people who aren’t ‘writers’ that post. These people are looking for eyeballs and some even for subscriptions. And they are making rookie mistakes. For example:


The Performa 600′s specs were nothing to get excited about, even in it’s day.

Come on, Scott Smith.

Massive Greatness, MG Siegler

It seems silly now, but remember that what Digg enabled was very unique at the time.

Very unique, was it MG? Are you sure it wasn’t truly unique? How about incredibly?

As I said, a rookie mistake.

But, in recovery, am I not supposed to be able to let these things go and hand them over? Yes, absolutely. If only I could. What I find myself doing is simply stopping dead in my tracks and moving on. This stuff bothers me so much that I have to just stop reading. Maybe I’ll delete the offending writers from my feed. A three-strikes rule perhaps? Yeah, now I’ve got a use for Checkmark!