Arran update: good news!

We just heard from the bank today that our application for a business loan has been approved in principle! So, step one is now complete. I’m not sure what the next step is and will have to speak to the bank business adviser about that. I suspect that we will have to have a survey of the business done prior to making an offer. The bank will also need to have a survey done of our security.

It’s all starting to become a bit more real now, which is both exciting and scary. It also means that the disappointment factor is higher, as our hopes are now that little bit higher. I’ve already started looking at Luxembourg with fresh eyes as I have the feeling that I might not be here for all that much longer. It’s a good feeling. Still, I have to remain focussed on the immediate tasks and not start getting caught up in projecting; that’s dangerous ground for me. I take care of the actions and try not to consider the results, otherwise fear can get in the way. Little steps, action instead of inaction, and what will be will be.