Bill Nighy

I watched a couple of my favourite films this week with Lorraine’s mum, both starring Bill Nighy. The first was Girl in the Cafe. Bill plays a rather awkward government adviser. He meets a girl in a cafe and ends up taking her to the G8 summit in Reykjavik. His acting is superb and the film is rather moving.

The second one is a Stephen Poliakoff work called Gideon’s Daughter. Nighy plays a PR guru who can do no wrong, except in his daughter’s eyes. Once again the acting is superb, and the lighting too. I’ve only started to notice lighting since I got interested in photography and it really does stand out in this film as being very well done. Of course anything Stephen Poliakoff does is going to be moving in some way and this one is no different. His work opens me up in a big way.

Check them out.