Broken computer and related eBay campaign

My main PC broke. I bought a used processor on eBay to see if it was that that was broken, but it wasn’t. So I had to take it to a guy who could test it. The dilemma with that is that, if I am to start a computer repairs business, what am I doing taking my own computer to a guy? Well, the guy has a post board (at least I think that’s what he called it), which is a diagnostics board that plugs into a PCI slot on a motherboard and can be used to diagnose motherboard issues. Apparently this thing costs in the region of 1000 pounds. He was also

in the process or taking a chip off a motherboard to replace it and so on, using a custom made tool. That’s way beyond the sort of thing I’ll be offering.

Anyway, I spent some time in the attic on Saturday looking out stuff to sell to fund a new motherboard, CPU and RAM combo. So far I’ve got an analogue BT phone, my old JVC car stereo, a Timbuktoo laptop bag, a Digitech JamMan (that I lusted after for so long and then never used), the processor I just bought, the processor pulled from the broken motherboard, 2 gigs of RAM, a bag of TomTom accessories (that I’d lost and bought another set and so now I have two), a D-Tar Mama Bear (guitar preamp and DSP) and that’s about it. I need to get together between 300 to 500 quid, depending on whether I go i7 with 6 gigs of RAM or Core2Quad with 4. I’d actually quite like to Mama Bear, but we’ll see.

My eBay username is thecamser, for anyone who may be interested in taking a look.