Busy week at the PO

I spent the whole of last week sorting out the shop. Usually I spend my time doing Post Office stuff. I’m the Post Office guy. Lorraine did shop stuff. I didn’t enjoy the shop at all and resented it when it took me away from the PO stuff. But I decided this week to try and change that. So I was in the shop the whole week preparing for the new toy order that arrived on Tuesday. I moved things around, put sale stickers on junk, and worked till about 8 every night.

Friday and Saturday saw a lot of the junk selling and it was very satisfying. Even thought it’s selling at a loss, it’s satisfying to see it leave the shelves and at least keep the cash flow sort of running.

Lorraine came in yesterday and we managed to get all the new toys out.

The other thing I did was to start my eBay campaign. I really need to get stuff shifting but have always disliked using eBay, mainly because of the hassle and how clunky eBay can be. But it needed to be done and I’ve started so I just need to keep some momentum going. If anyone’s interested, the eBay handle is brodickpo

Here’s hoping for a good season and the possiblity of paying my invoices!