Here are our lovely kids, Freya and Hamish. They were both born in Luxembourg, Freya in 2004 and Hamish in 2006. Freya was speaking fluent Luxembourgish when we moved to Scotland, but she’s forgotten it all now. They are little rays of sunshine and give us such joy and hope, even more than music and technology!


Lorraine Campbell

Lorraine grew up in Cornwall. She graduated from Keele university in 1998 with a BA in modern languages and from Bradford university in 1999 with an MA in Interpreting and Translation. The more astute reader will have noticed that this is the same university and year that I graduated. Yep, that’s where we met! It was love at first sight, across the conference room. Since graduating, Lorraine has worked in France and Luxembourg as a translator. She is now director of a translator agency and works from home on the Isle of Arran.



Picture taken by Hamish on 2 October 2012. This is me in my dog-walking gear!

Cams is from Prestwick in Ayrshire and was born in 1971. He graduated from the University of St Andrews in 1998 with an MA in Russian Language and Literature and from the University of Bradford in 1999 with an postgrad MA in Interpreting and Translation. He lived in Odessa, Ukraine for one year, Sochi, Russia for a few months, Almaty, Kazakhstan for two years and Luxembourg for seven years. He now lives on the Isle of Arran in Scotland with Lorraine and his two children where he runs the main post office on the island Brodick Post Office and fixes computers