Hamish’s second year

I’ve created a video slideshow of Hamish’s second year starting from his first birthday when we were at Disneyland Paris. I used Lightroom to select the images — it’s great for that kind of thing as you can select all photos between two dates and then filter down to specific tags, in this case Hamish. Then use colours or flags to narrow down the selection and finally export out to jpg.

Once that was done, I imported into iPhoto 08 and did a slideshow that way, but it really doesn’t give you very much control. So I tried it in iMovie and that worked a lot better. I’m used to the more traditional non-linear editors, specifially Premiere Pro, so iMovie looked a little weird at first. I did some of the online tutorials on Apple’s site and it was then really easy to get the music imported, adjust the duration etc. I think the iApps are really great for creating media like this and the suite of apps goes together really very well. It’s a shame that Lorraine hasn’t the time to learn how to do this as I’m sure that she would enjoy it, particularly as she’s got the 24-inch iMac; I’m doing it on a Macbook!

The hardest part of the project was picking out the music. Lorraine did help with that.

And finally I got it uploaded to the web. I tried Vimeo this time rather than YouTube as I’m not keen on how YT compresses video. Although Vimeo seems to have done the same sort of thing. I’ll perhaps try different export settings from iMovie and see if that makes a difference.

The next thing to do is the same thing for Freya’s third year. For each of them their birthday spans the move from Lux to Scotland so it’s an important year for us all. Once it’s all done, we’re going to put it all on DVD for sending to friends and family.

It’s really great having all this digital media and I could see my photography improving through the year as I picked out the photos. And Lightroom really does rock, seriously.

So, without any further ado, here are the fruits of my labour. Enjoy!


Hamish Year 2


Goodbye Chris

A friend of mine died today. I met Chris at the first UK gathering of RMMGA that I attended back in 2005. He was large as life and a wonderful and talented musician. He was the driving force behind the UK gatherings and did a lot for acoustic music in his local area. He was playing right up until the very end and played a great gig just two weeks ago and he was in great spirits right up until the last couple of days.

He was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and was given a year by the doctors. He had planned on marrying his long-term sweetheart this coming July but it wasn’t to be.

Here is how I remember Chris. This is a video I shot the last time I saw him at the UK gathering in 2007. I sadly couldn’t make it this year because of my new business and I’m now really sad about that. Oh well.

Gan canny, Chris.

UK10: Chris, Malcolm – Doggone lowdown good for nothin blues



Freya and Hamish playing together

Filmed in June 2007. 3m09s.

Kids having fun



Feeling Good – Muse Live

Muse do a pretty good cover of Feeling Good on their Origin of Symmetry album and I was treated to a live version of it at the gig last Saturday night.

They had some good visuals during the song — bees on flowers, that kind of thing.

Here’s a video some kind soul shot and YouTubed:

Muse – Feeling Good at the Rockhal

Not too shabby, huh?


mp3eme VOX: It Takes Two



[doo-et, dyoo-]

a. A composition for two voices or two instruments.
b. A group of two singers or two instrumentalists.



I’ve been a fan of Tommy Emmanuel for a while and saw him in concert in Glasgow a couple of years ago. Every guitar player should see Tommy at least once, in fact, everybody should see a Tommy show at least once. He’s in a league of his own.

Then there was the viral video of Jake Shimabukuro playing While my Guitar Gently Weeps in Central Park that every guitar player must have seen at least once.

Well, now there’s a duet! This is superb folks. Enjoy!

Tommy Emmanuel / J.Shimabukuro: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

mp3eme VOX: Your 1st Time



Post a song from the band/artist that played the first concert you ever attended.

It could be your first real concert as an young adult/adult or one your parent(s) dragged you to …whatever you consider to be your first.

The more background info…the more interesting. (Date? Location? Seating?Did it suck? Rock? Don’t Remember?)

If you don’t have a tune from the actual album said concert was promoting…you can post a favorite song from the band/artist.

Time to ‘fess up!


Genesis, 26 June 1987, Hampden Park, Glasgow. Support artist: Paul Young.

Genesis drum duet Wembley concert

Here’s my diary entry:

I didn’t do milk this morning. I went for Claire at 12 and got the 12.50 train to Glasgow. I asked Claire if she knew her way about Glasgow and she took it sarcastically. Then we got on a train to Mount Florida and wandered about. Claire bought a Genesis T-shirt for £5 off a guy in the street then I bought one but Claire said she will give me the money for it. She was dead bitchy to me. It was dead warm and sunny. Just perfect. I met Youngy and co. we got in about 4 and then I saw the stage. It was amazing. It had big canvas things with dominoes on it. We were in stand L. The food was extortionate so I only had a hot dog. People started coming into the middle but we couldn’t get to the middle. We had a good view anyway. There were 2 big TV screens. Princess Anne came about 7. They just played music from 4 till 7. Then Paul Young came on. He was great. I like Paul Young and he sounded 10 times better live. It is so loud. He went off and they just played music again until Genesis came on. It started with a video of Anything She Does. It was brilliant. Then Genesis came on. They were just so… There are no words to describe how good they were. The feeling you get is intense. Unexplainable. It was dead loud and you just can’t believe what is really happening. At one point I was crying with emotion. Phil Collins is a magic laugh. He talks to the crowd but he talks just as if he was only talking to you. Whenever he played a song I knew, I went wild inside. The lights were amazing as well. Smoke was rising an the lights were all the colours you can imagine. When they put the floodlights on the crowds, you really saw how many people were there; roughly 40,000. It was truly unbelievable. He sang Throwing it all Away and he sang wee tunes through it and everyone copied him. Magical Then he got the crowd to hold their hands up and hum to contact the other world. They went off but we all chanted “we want more” and they came back on better than ever.

It finished at half 11 and we went out. The streets were packed and there were big queues for the train back to Central station. The trains were chocabloc standing room. We got back to Central and had missed the last train so Claire phoned her dad and told him to come for us. Then she goes to me, “don’t come near me” and started going on about when I asked if she knew her way about Glasgow so she moved away and sat on her own. Then her dad came and I got home about 2, had something to eat and then went straight out on the milk, but that’s a different story.

So that was my first concert, first of many. Not sure how long Claire and I stayed together after that, but I think it was quite a while.

Land of Confusion – 21 years later

I was a big Genesis fan in my day and remember very well the Land of Confusion video with the Spitting Image puppets in 1986. The first concert I ever went to was the Invisible Touch tour at Hampden park in Glasgow. I must’ve been 14.

I just found a cover version of the song by a band called the Disturbed. Never heard of them but the video and song are still as relevant now as then. Judge for yourself.

Land Of Confusion – Genesis
Disturbed – Land Of Confusion

Ye Banks & Braes

This is just me masel playing at the recent RMMGA UK gathering in Derbyshire. It’s based on Tony McManus‘s arrangement in dropped D.

UK10: Cams – Ye Banks & Braes

KT Tunstall – Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

Check out this – KT Tunstall from Scotland using looping to great effect. There could be a looper in my future! Amazing!

KT Tunstall – Black Horse And The Cherry Tree
This page reveals how she does it and what gear she uses:

Frets – KT Tunstall

Tunstall’s looper of choice is the Akai E2 Headrush, a footpedal device that offers 16-bit digital delay, simulated tape echo, and a phrase-looping audio recorder with unlimited layering. The Headrush (which Tunstall calls my “Wee Bastard”) boasts a maximum delay time of nearly 24 seconds, tap-tempo echo, and individual outputs for the box’s four virtual “tape heads.” As loopers go, the Headrush provides simple operation via two footswitches: One starts and stops the loop, the other turns the recording (or overdubbing) function on and off. To learn more about looping—its history, an overview of real-time looping hardware, and guitarists who make repeating audio the foundation of their music—read “Looping” in the April ’06 Guitar Player. Those shopping for a looper will want to read GP’s review of such devices (“Looping Pedal Roundup! Four Digital Repeat Boxes”) in the June ’06 issue. To explore the looper community, visit loopers-delight.com.

The wee bastard:

Akai Headrush

I hurt myself today to see if I still feel

Here’s a video of me performing the Johnny Cash version of Hurt at the recent RMMGA UK gathering in Buxton, UK. The guitar is a SCGC Vintage Artist.


UK10: Cams – Hurt