Trip to North America in 1993

I had a bad accident in July 1989 and almost lost my leg. I promised myself that, when it was all over, I’d treat myself to a trip of a lifetime. I lost my walking stick on the bus between Toronto and Niagara Falls and have been walking unaided since then.

The meat of the matter will be the subject of a longer entry sometime later (I took a diary during the trip). Meanwhile, here’s a list of where I and my two travelling companions visited:

  • 24 June – Toronto
  • 28 June – Niagara Falls
  • 29 June – Buffalo
  • 30 June – New York City
  • 3 July – New Orleans
  • 7 July – Miami
  • 14 July – Las Vegas
  • 15 July – Grand Canyon (Utah)
  • 17 July – Zion Canyon (Utah)
  • 18 July – Bryce Canyon (Utah)
  • 19 July – San Francisco
  • 22 July – Yosemite National Park
  • 25 July – Sacramento (to see The The)
  • 26 July – Santa Cruz
  • 28 July – Winnipeg
  • 1 August – Seattle
  • 2 August – Vancouver

We stayed in Vancouver for two weeks, topping and tailing our trip in Canada. It was indeed the trip of a lifetime and I have many happy memories of it. I’ve since visited the USA several times, but the first trip was the best. I love North America, truly. It’s just so bloody big!

Bourscheid Castle – Luxembourg Travel

Bourscheid Castle

Bourscheid Castle is a mediaeval castle dating from 1384. It’s in the east of the country, near the town of Diekirch. It ties in nicely with a trip to the beautiful town of Esch-sur-Sûre, so put that on your itinerary for a spectacular day.

I lived in Luxembourg from 2001–2008. Whenever we had visitors come, we would ‘do the castles’, something Luxembourg is very good for.

If possible, visit in the autumn. I’ve included some photos in my gallery below that were taken on 1 November 2003 and you’ll see the stunning colours of the surrounding forestry. Of course back in those days digital photography was quite a new thing and I was shooting on my first digital camera, a Minolta F100 and didn’t really know what I was doing. Even so, the colours are pretty vibrant.

I went back in 2007 as part of a photography course with Robin Jensen, this time with my Nikon D70s. That was about the time I was starting to take my photography more seriously and growing into it.

I remember there being a café there in the summer months, but check do check before if you’re planning a visit and want to eat something there.

And if you’re thinking of eating lunch in Esch-sur-Sûre, try and do that before 2 in the afternoon, as I seem to recall that everything shuts after that. That was back in the 2000s so Luxembourg might have gone a bit more capitalist since then, but do check!

Beaufort castle

Beaufort castle is in Luxembourg’s Müllerthal region, also known as Little Switzerland. The scenery in the region is quite spectacular, and driving around the winding roads is great fun — if you like that sort of thing. The castle suddenly appears as you round a bend and BLAM – its beauty hits you right between the eyes.

It’s a great region for cycling too, although I’ve yet to try it. Some of those hills though – phew!