Christmas day, 2006

Advent Ark

Here’s a brief run down of our Christmas day with some photos. So, first up was the advent ark. Freya really enjoyed opening up the doors each day to see what animal was behind the door. Much more fun that a crappy advent calender. So, that finished yesterday.

Christmas Sock

I brought Freya home a new Christmas stocking on Christmas eve and she immediately recognised it as a “sock”, so I guess it’s her Christmas sock. We hung it on the bedroom door and she discovered it when she got up. She was delighted!

Thank you note from Santa

Then through to the living room where we discovered that Santa had indeed wolfed down his tasty mince pie and egg nog. He said to say that he enjoyed it very much and even had the courtesy to leave a thank you note!

Then it was time to launch into the presents. Our apartment is really too small for us to put up a tree that’s big enough to put presents under it, but we did a pretty good job I think.

Presents wise, we got lots of small gifts rather than one big one and I think that was the right way to go. She got a really nice jigsaw puzzle, a wooden pizza and some wooden fruit with a wooden knife and a chopping board. There was also the descant recorder in C, which is a proper instrument and not a toy. She’s had fun blowing it as loud as she can, so we’re having to teach her that she doesn’t need to blow quite so hard the whole time.

Freya with her recorder

Hamish had a fun day too. He got his first ever Christmas present brought through to him in bed (I don’t imagine that that will ever happen again!) and enjoyed his frog dolly from Grandma and Grandad.

Hamish with his frog

In the afternoon we sat down and watched Monsters Inc. and really enjoyed it. What a great movie! Thankfully we had the foresight to record it as Freya asked for it again on Boxing day.

Merry Christmas Hamish!!

So that just about wraps it up for this year.