Computer saga continued

I got the processor back from testing last week. The retailer had tested it for 48 hours and there were no issues. The new video card I bought didn’t make a difference either, so I’m now down 30 quid for a video card that I didn’t need.

I asked Bill about it and whether he could test it for me. It’s disappointing that I’m supposed to be offering a PC repair service and can’t even get my own working without going to ‘the other guy’. The only think I can think that it would be is the RAM, but it seems unlikely that I’d get four dodgy DIMMs. Maybe though; they are all the same brand (2 kits of 2 x 2GB DIMMs).

It was Thursday I spoke to Bill and I’ve not heard back yet so I will phone OCUK on Monday and ask either if I can send the RAM back for testing (another two weeks) or if I can send the whole lot back and buy a bundle. Trouble is their bundles are all overclocked and I’m actually looking for stock or underclocked for reasons of cooling and quietness. If they agree, and I don’t think they will because they are not nice to deal with, I suppose I could discuss component options at that stage.

It’s really driving me nuts though. How long has this been going on? I waited literally for years to get this upgrade and it’s at least two months since I bought the new gear. If only OCUK were nicer to deal with and more helpful. I shan’t go into an anti OCUK rant just yet; they’ve still got a chance to redeem themselves and get a glowing report from me. One can only hope.

By the way, I’m quite enjoying MarsEdit as a blogging client. I shall post this straight to Vox and Sunbane then I’ll be off for ice cream and a decision of which movie to watch: Quantum of Solace or The Boat that Rocked.