Dr Who – Finally a decent episode

I’m a big fan of Dr Who and have been disappointed with the new series. The Christopher Eccleston series rocked – every episode was great. Then came David Tennant. He’s done two series and had Billie Piper with him throughout the first of the two to add some continuity from the Christopher Eccleston series. But she went out at the end of David Tennant’s first series and her replacement is not a patch on her.

David Tennant is actually a good Doctor, it’s the writing and acting that have been letting it down. It was even getting to the point where I wasn’t that bothered if I missed an episode. That didn’t actually happen and last week saw the first of a two-parter. This time the acting wasn’t wooden and the story was actually really good. But it had that magic back again, particularly at the end where the covered some big philosophical questions and talked about the onset of the first World War.

The Family of Blood

I guess the scarecrows would be pretty scary for the kids, but it was the good acting of Baines, the schoolboy who was the first to be possessed by the family, that I found particularly disturbing, especially when he did that sniffing thing with his head cocked and his eyes wide. Scary stuff!