Empty Podcast Playlist…

We moved in late January then I was off for two week’s training. The week before moving was non-podcast time as well so there were about four weeks to catch up with when we got to the Isle of Arran.

Well, I just couldn’t catch up. There were so many. And they keep coming thick and fast as well. I also have much less podcast-listening time than I had in my old Luxembourg life, so it’s been tough. But around five minutes ago I finished listening to Security Now! episode 140 and am left now with an empty podcast directory! Yay! I know that TWiT will probably be waiting for me tomorrow, but for now I’m feeling good and caught up and wondering what audio book to listen to or if I should seek out an audio Polish learning course. No doubt I’ll end up playing podcast catchup again though by the end of next week.


Cleared my Podcast deck!