Epson Perfection V750 Pro


I ummed and ahhed for ages just before we left Luxembourg about whether to spend so much money on a decent scanner. I decided that I would and I’m so glad that I did. I scanned all of my and Lorraine’s prints before we moved and then binned them all.

After my dad died in November 2009, I brought all their photos home and have been going through them bit by bit and I’ll tell you what, that scanner is terrific. It’s really fast and, using VueScan, it’s so easy to do whole batches at a time or do one at a time with colour correction etc, then into Photoshop for some adjustments and the results are very good indeed. So much better than the original prints that have faded so badly that the image is barely discernable.

Not sure whether this scanner has been superseded yet; in all likelihood it will have been as we’ve had it for over two years. But that means these should be more affordable. If you’ve got a big scan project looming, consider the Epson and buy VueScan. SilverFast came with the scanner and it’s pretty hard to use. The Epson software is okay, but VueScan rocks.

The pictures are me in 1978 in my primary school uniform with Trudy the dog that was eventually put to sleep for biting my brother. The next one is me and my brother on the swings down Prestwick beach and the third one is my mum, who, believe it or not, used to be rather a good shot.