Freya’s first day at nursery school

Freya had her first afternoon at nursery school (called précoce in Luxembourg) on this day in 2007. Mum was worried that it wouldn’t go well and that Freya wouldn’t let her leave. She can be quite funny can our little Freya. Even though she’d been going to crèche on her own for nearly a year, she still didn’t want to go in to Little Gym on her own. But she was fine. Mum dropped her off at two and she was perfectly happy.

Freya getting her hair done ready for her first day at nursery

Hair Done

Just after lunch and getting ready to go out. It’s only a five minute walk from our flat but mum took her early so that they could go to the park first.

See you at 10 to 4 daddy

That actually takes me back as that was when I finished school too, until they changed it to a more respectable 3.30 that is.

I’m one of them now

I drove past the gathering crowd outside the school countless times, knowing that my time would come. And I was right – it did, today.

Daddy? Where are you?

She’s looking a bit bewildered, but that ain’t nothing – you should’ve seen me!

Okay, I was good. Now can we go to the park?

There’s a great little park just behind the nursery school. That’s where mummy took her before school started and was the first place she wanted to go when she came out. She had a lot of fun there.

The slidey slide


Walking home

And finally on our way home, only to get there we had to pass yet another park. Naturally, we had to play in there for a while as well.

All in all it was a fun day. She still hasn’t really told us much of what she did there. She told me that they did a puzzle after dark, whatever that might mean, and that they didn’t do any painting. I think she was rather hoping that they would, so we did some painting when we got home.

She’ll be going from now on on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings and I really think she’s going to get a lot out of it. I imagine her Luxembourgish will come on in leaps and bounds. It’s such a shame it isn’t French that they use at the crèche and at précoce, you know, something useful. But I guess that the language acquisition thing will be good for her regardless of whether it’s a real language or not. Not that I have any feelings about it of course!