Freya’s poorly

Freya was sick yesterday morning, then again and again throughout the day. When Lorraine called the crèche, they said that there were a few children there that morning who were sick too, so it must be one of these immune-system-building bugs that go round.  She perked up a bit in the late afternoon, but flaked out by teatime and had a temperature. We gave her some “pink” (her name for the cure-all Calpol) and she started feeling better by bed time.

She was sick again this morning as soon as she got up, but she seems pretty much back to normal now (lunch time) so hopefully that’s it passed.

Lorraine’s also got a bit of a chesty cough again, which is always a worry given that she’s so prone to bronchitis. And no sign of Hamish’s chesty cough shifting either, but the physio said he’s much better.