Freya’s rock

Freya has a favourite rock in the carpark at the forest crèche. She likes to go and sit on it for a minute or two before getting into the car to come home; or she’ll stand up on it and I help her to jump off. She also loves stones and brings them home in her pocket to add to the collection outside our front door at the top of the stairs.

She decided to make a snake out of stones on her favourite rock so I said I would bring the camera and take some pictures so we could show mummy.

This is how you make a snake


There we go — all done

The snake

She also has a little playmate, a half-Russian, half-Luxembourgish boy called Michael. He’s almost a year older but, for some reason, really seems taken with Freya. He often wants to have her come and sit in their car and he gives her sweeties and shows her his toys (but she’s not allowed to touch them, of course — kids, eh!). So, after we’d finished the snake, Freya wanted to wait for Michael and waited by his car, but we were in a hurry and I had to pick her up and put her in the car. Of course she was rather displeased with that and started her chant of “you go away, daddy” and continued to chant it for a good 10 minutes. I ignored her but then we got stopped at a level crossing to let a train pass and I thought it would make an opportunistic moment to take a picture of her in grumpy mode.

Now I want to wait for Mikhael

You go away, daddy

Isn’t she cute when she’s grumpy?