Freya’s third birthday

It was Freya’s birthday on Friday. I took some video and have YouTubed a 10-minute clip of the day.

I’m 3!
We eventually managed to find a swimming pool that was open, although it did involve waiting until 11.30, dangerously close to lunch time and crèche starts at 2 p.m. Welcome to Luxembourg. She had a lot of fun though, and that’s the main thing. It was also Hamish’s first time at the pool and he seemed to enjoy himself too.

It’s too bad that I didn’t get any shots of the birthday cake that mummy made for Freya to take with her to the crèche:  lovely carrot cake with a ring of baby carrots to decorate it (the supermarket was out of sugared carrot decorations, or maybe they just stopped stocking them, like they seem to do with most things that we like – again, welcome to Lux). Carrot cake is rather alien to the Luxembourgers, so it’s nice to introduce them to it, particularly when it’s as nice as mummy’s is. Here’s the one she made for F’s first birthday.


So, while the day was not without stress, Freya had a lot of fun. And now she’s our big three-year-old. Wherever does the time go?