Friends and Family on my Birthday

I turned 41 yesterday and it was just about the best birthday I can remember.

The day before was a Saturday, which means a half-day for me at work. I closed, had lunch and then met Lorraine and the kids and a family friend and we headed off to the cinema to see Ice Age 4. Okay, so the film was rubbish, but the kids enjoyed it and I got to spend the afternoon with the family. From there it was home for a quick bite to eat and then I headed out with Freya to see a fantastic jazz trio, featuring Tim Kliphuis on violin. He was one of the best violinists I’ve ever seen. Phenomenal!

And then home to watch Glengarry Glen Ross!

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to persuade Lorraine to go hiking with me on the Sunday, but I had mentally prepared myself to accept what came my way. But, lo and behold, she agreed and we headed off the Glen Rosa and a walk all the way to the top of the Saddle. The walk was spectacular, but what the best thing about it was was getting to spend such a long time with my wife and no kids. Not to disrespect the kids you understand. They are kind of all right, I guess! But I don’t think I’ve spent that long with my wife without being too dog tired for much of a conversation since moving to Arran five years ago and probably a long time before that.

There’s a lot going on in our lives right now and it really gave us the chance to talk it through and come up with some options.

In the evening we ordered pizza from the Lamlash Bay, totally non paleo but I’d decided it was all right since it was my birthday, and it was all the better for being forbidden. We watched Alice in Wonderland with the pizza, which was highly enjoyable, oh so much better than Ice Age 4!

When the kids went to bed, I put on Amélie, which is undoubtedly still my all-time favourite movie! It’s just perfect. The colour balance, the lighting, the music, the content, the performances, the sound, EVERYTHING. I just don’t think it can be beaten. If I were a film, that’s the film I would be.

I got a lovely message today from my very best friend, Maria Cristina. I also got a The The concert program from Eeko. It inspired me to listen to Mind Bomb whilst cooking the tea on Friday night and it was an awesome experience. ‘Was our love too strong to kill, or was I just too weak to kill it?’ Ponder that!

After tea on Friday I spent a bunch of time watching Regina Spektor videos on YouTube and was moved to tears, quite literally. I felt so inspired and creative, and out on the hills it had me thinking about the link between nature and art and creativity and peace and serenity. All that. And it made me want to SHOUT OUT that I had the answer. I HAD IT.