Got the 30″ Dell

It must be about six months since our downstairs monitor bit the dust. Since then we’ve been using my old 17.1″ Taxan LCD which has a dying backlight and wishy washy colours and it’s been pretty darned awful. Forget photo editing, it wasn’t even worth viewing photos on that screen, never mind editing them. I had it in my mind that Apple would upgrade the cinema displays soon, hoping for DHCP compatibility and an inbuilt iSight. I waited and waited, then waited some more, until finally my resolve broke. I’m going through a big photo editing phase right now and am also, as of last Monday, home all day with the kids so I can’t really sneak off upstairs to the good monitor. So I ordered the Dell and it arrived today (Thursday). I now have the Samsung 213T downstairs and what a difference.

But how about that Dell. It really is big and image editing on it is rather a treat. I’m having a bit of trouble calibrating it so hopefully I’ll be able to borrow some calibration hardware from the IT department at Lorraine’s work.

So now all I’m waiting on is Leopard so I can jump on one of those iMac 24s. Then I can have the 30 and Samsung 21 on my desk together up stairs and really get down to work!