Hamish & Freya

I haven’t put any new pictures of our baby son Hamish on my website for a long time, mainly due to the hassle of doing the html, selecting and resizing the pictures. Perhaps having a blog will be a way of ensuring that I put family pictures up more often, something about which I’m sure our families back in the UK will be most pleased about!

So, here’s a nice picture of Hamish, taken on 9 November 2006.

And while we’re at it, here’s one of Freya tucking into her lunch on 1 November 2006:

Pictures are taken with a Nikon D70s (which I bought just a couple of months before the D80 came out — grrrr!)

I’m going to invite some friends and family to my Vox account now to see how the whole thing works. Please post a comment if you get a message about this. Fingers crossed!