Hypercritical 75 After Dark

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I really enjoyed this week’s Hypercritical After Dark, where John and Dan talked about HBO shows. I’ve been watching The West Wing with my wife for some two years now. We’re on the final season now. I don’t know how all these podcasters-with-kids-and-jobs find time to watch and the TV shows they watch, read all the books, listen to all the podcasts AND find time to do their jobs. But I digress…

We love The West Wing. According to John, Aaron Sorkin’s shows are enjoyable only by people with no knowledge of the subject. Well, that’s me. In fact, I probably now know more about how US politics works than I do about the UK. Maybe Aaron Sorkin could write a show about No 10?

I’ve got all seasons of Six Feet Under ripped and iFlicked onto the Apple TV, so that’s next. There goes another two years!

We tried The Sopranos and The Wire. My wife didn’t take to it, and it didn’t give me the same window into my own soul that House and The West Wing can give me, but I’ve since gone back to revisit The Wire and am almost done with Season 1. But still, in terms of entertainment it’s fine, but emotionally I just can’t connect. I guess I want a little more in my TV shows.

But seriously, where do people find the time? It’s all I can do to keep up with my feeds and podcasts!