Lightroom and Live Sync

Live Sync is a free Microsoft client that you can install on multiple computers. Then you can use your Live account to log in and syncronise folders over a LAN or the Internet. I’ve got all my photos in Lightroom tidied up and tagged and now they’re syncing to Lorraine’s iMac, my laptop and my mum’s laptop. It really is great. Only thing to remember is that it’s sync and not backup, so if a file is deleted on one computer, it’s deleted on them ALL. So a backup is still necessary.

Mum is disabled — pretty much paralyised — so I’ve set up her 17″ laptop with the screensaver pointing at her photos folder and she gets the new photos as I put them on my own PC. Clever, huh?

Lorraine is also using Lightroom now so she’s got that all synced up too.

And finally, there is a Facebook plug-in for Lightroom!